10 Biggest Challenges in designing the Interior of a Car!

January 21, 2020/ALL AUTODEALERS

One of the most important aspects in the design of the vehicle is in creating an interior compartment that accommodates the needs of the customer base. An interior packaging includes: deciding the important measure of vehicle interior space for the customer, arranging interior and structural components in order to enhance the performance of the customer.  Maximize the overall satisfaction, comfort, accommodation and safety for all occupants. 

Some common Challenge you can see in the design of a car interior:

  1. Visibility – can we see out? There are some great looking car with horrible view lines but they do not offer outside visibility perfectly.
  2. Interior finishes. We relate this terms “interior finishing’s” or “interior finishes” to define those interior space elements that are fixed in place. They are usually joint with the other structural component of the building, like for example to the walls, ceilings, floors, etc.
  3. We live by our electronics. We need power ports and want them where we need them. These don’t cost much and at least should be 2 up front, 1 in the glove box and one in the console AND two for  passengers in the rear.
  4. Storage: We want a place for access badge to get into my parking garage at work.
  5. Quality stitching on the interior – quality matters, design matters.
  6. Logical controls & instrument layout. We want to be able to see critical elements immediately, without them being visually obstructed.
  7. Auto up and down window controls for the drive. Seriously, this can’t cost but a few cents more, don’t make it HOLD the buttons up or down while driving.
  8. Cup holders in the door.  A cup holder is required in the door when a graphic that tells that my drink will spill when the door is closed.
  9. Lack of secure storage in the rear of my SUV. There is virtually no place to store tools, jumper cables or other seldom used “emergency” items out of sight. We need storage for these seldom used (but important) items.

GPS systems: that seem to have been designed by engineers who FORGOT that we have to use them WHILE WE ARE DRIVING. Poorly designed GPS led to more of a pain to use than a pleasure. We need elegant interface design, and don’t want a bunch of trivial features that clutter the interface.