About Us


On a warm spring day in 2016, Brian Kleinman and Jody Harris were on their way to lunch when Jody told Brian all about the difficulty she had in finding the right car for her teenage daughter. She and her husband had been searching classified ad after classified ad and were exasperated. Brian had previously worked at a car dealership as the “internet guy” and knew what the problem was. Everyone hated this process, including the sales team at the dealership. That’s when it occurred to both of them that they might have come up with a brilliant idea.

By combining Brian’s knowledge of the car business and Jody’s coding know-how they created the All Auto Dealers platform. They knew that by listing all of the dealers by zip code and by brand, they would be able to accomplish several things at once. First, without any ads or distractions, shoppers can just focus on their goal of finding the vehicle they want. Next, a direct connection would be made between the consumer and the store because no middle man was trying to collect the buyer’s information and sell it to the dealer. Finally, it would enhance the communication between these two teams and increase the dealer’s first-generation leads.

After realizing they could do that with one website, they immediately got to work. Two years later and with the help of a great sales team, All Auto Dealers was born! Shoppers can browse the many stores located nearby for free, without the fear of accidentally filling out a form, making them vulnerable to telemarketers or annoying emails. In turn, dealers can rest assured that their increased online presence is what they need to get ahead of the competition and raise their ROI.

Find the best dealership near you. No gimmicks and no commitment to buy!