Two years ago, Bill Hertz and his longtime partner and colleague Sophia Repling came up with the idea for Auto Dealership Locator. They had worked in the auto industry for over 30 years and wanted to take their marketing skills and knowledge of the industry to connect car buyers and auto dealerships.

They had a simple mission: no ads, no third party leads. They wanted to create a site where shoppers could find their nearest dealers in a no-hassle environment. They also knew that third-party leads and classified sites made customers wary, asking them to provide contact information or complete finance forms they did not feel comfortable filling out.

The solution for Bill and Sophia was to build a directory to help customers find cars at a local dealership quicker and without stress. A one-stop shop, but how is this good for dealers?

Nothing converts better than first-generation leads. Most consumers are not in the mood to have their contact details bought and sold, and they want to go directly to the source. When your dealership adds its info to our directory, your store has the opportunity to engage directly with the buyer.

Your digital visibility will also increase on search engines. Search engines like these types of sites. By adding your store info to our registry, all you have to do is sign up and watch your dealer’s digital visibility and search priority increase, all while leaving your competition in the dust.

Tim Schriber

Tim is the marketing guy who has worked for various agencies for the past ten years. He got tired of working for other companies and wanted to start his own business. When he met Diana three years ago at a barbecue, he knew they would make a great team; however, they still needed a solid product. Once Joey came into the picture at a networking event, that’s when they knew it was time to get started.

Fun fact: Tim’s plays the banjo in his spare time. Bluegrass is his favorite genre of music.

Diana MacDowell

Diana has a master’s degree in Computer Science and loves programming. By the time she met Tim, she had been in the business for a while but wasn’t passionate about any of her projects. After a few coffee meetings, she realized that working with Tim would offer her a unique opportunity to be part of a start-up. So she took the plunge!

Fun fact: When Diana isn’t programming, she’s running at the park with her dog Milo.